So What Exactly Does the (*) Next to Some Players' Max Rating Mean?

A lot of you have been asking us - ever since we added it - what exactly the (*) that's visible next to the maximum rating of some players on the site means.

While we've worked on better highlighting it on the PES 2020 section itself, we thought it couldn't hurt to write a bit more about it.

In short, the (*) simply means that we have no definitive confirmation about a player's maximum level in PES 2020 myClub. In that case, we display an approximation that will ideally be within one point of the correct level.

Since the maximum level is a calculated by the game based on a player's age and base (level 1) overall, we will show the maximum level corresponding to the confirmed player with the most similar age / ovr combination.

In the case of Joao Felix this would be 90-rated De Ligt, who has the same age as Felix and an overall that's one point lower.

While it's not great we don't have exact values for all players, we think this is the next thing - and it also allows for an accurate rating to show for players that are still unreleased.

Ideally we will try to add correct maximum levels as players are added to the game but sometimes we might miss a few. If you notice one and can confirm the correct maximum rating, drop us a message and we'll update it.