Text on Kits Now Available

Following the previews released earlier this month, we are happy to announce that the new 'text on kits' feature is now available in the PES Master Kit Creator.

This feature is limited to Plus account holders - click here to join

Note: Due to platform limitations, this feature does not work correctly in Microsoft Edge. Due to the low usage numbers of this browser, we have decided to release the feature anyway and advise anyone using Microsoft Edge to switch to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Both these browsers have been tested and the feature works correctly.


Additional texts can be added through the new 'Text' subsection (which now also houses the already well-established 'back collar text'). A number of subsettings are available, most of which are identical to what you'll already know from the 'extra sponsor logo' feature.

The only 'new' settings is 'Arch', which allows to have the text follow a curved path.

Font Selection

A selection of 40 fonts is available in this initial launch.

And finally, here are some more impression of what's possible:

Check it out now in the Kit Creator