Kit Creator August Update - What's New

It's been quite a while but we are happy to announce that we've just released the latest major Kit Creator update. Below you'll find an overview of the new features as well as some previews.

Base Designs

There are quite a few changes with base designs, including two brand-new ones, 'Gradient 2' and 'single stripe with border'.

The different single stripe / sash designs have also undergone a number of updates. They can now be mirrored at the center of the shirt to easily create V or inverse V shapes. This can even be used to create something of a side panel effect.


We have updated some basics around patterns, including a number of bug fixes. It's also now possible to change the opacity of the pattern and have it display above the base design.

Patterns can be added to the collar and - currently in Plus Ultimte Early Access - patterns can be applied to specific parts of the shirt and only the base design.

Custom Patterns

Custom patterns, which can be used for logo patterns while they also allow users to upload fully custom patterns, are now available for Ultimate members if experimental features are enabled.

Known issues: Custom patterns are not saved; Currently only available for the shirt.

Custom Sleeve Cuffs

Custom sleeve cuffs are now available for all Plus members, while we also changed the maximum number of colors from four to seven.

National Team Logos

National team logo presets are now available, with club retro badges set to follow soon!

Extra Logos

Extra logos can now be rotated and have a lower opacity.

We hope you like these additions and please let us know if you have any issues.