Kit Creator September Update - What's New

Earlier today we finally released the latest update for the Kit Creator, which includes a variety of features, including ones we already previewed over the past month as well as totally new ones.

Texture Scale

One of the key changes, and something we did not detail previously, is the addition of a new feature that allows to have the kit texture render at a smaller size - with this we hope to avoid the issue that has long plagued owners of Apple mobile devices with iOS 12 and 13 for a while. It should also help with performance on less powerful PCs and mobile devices.

By default, the setting is set to the default 2k texture size (2048x2048) unless you are on an Apple mobile device where it's set to 512x512 by default. You can always check the current setting as well as change it by going to the settings tab. Please note that the Kit Creator will have to be reloaded for changes to take effect.

If you created a kit at a smaller scale, the downloaded texture will have the set resolution. If you want to get a 2048x2048 texture, for example, you will have to change the setting and reload the saved kit - this can be done either on the same device or on another one.

It's also possible to disable the shadows, which should further boost performance if needed.

New Mobile Layout

We have also implemented a new landscape mode for mobile devices which should also help make it easier to create kits on the go.

Functionality Changes

A number of new features have been introduced, including the ability to "mirror at center" for most base designs, including stripes and sashes.

All base designs can now also be added to the sleeves, just like it was possible with stripes before, for example.

Logo / custom patterns are now available for all Plus members. We've also added a number of additional options for these patterns, including rotation and horizontal / vertical offset.

Custom placement for regular patterns is now also available for all Plus members.

Patterns can now be mirrored on the back.

Kit textures will now also show useful information about the shirt and shorts color, ready to be input in Edit Mode.

Bug Fixes

We also hope to have fixed a small issue that some people reported about kits being grey and color changes not taking effect.

And finally, as always, we would greatly appreciate it if you could report any bugs / issues you may find. We'll try our best to fix them as soon as possible.

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