Kit Creator October Update - What's New

Earlier today we released a new major update for the Kit Creator, introducing a number of changes including retro logo presets and the player flocking preview.

Retro Logo Presets

In the works for quite some time, we finally added the first version of retro logo presets (Plus exclusive).

Player Flocking Preview

Another cool new feature, although with no direct impact on the exported kits, is the addition of "player flocking" previews, which are also exclusive to Plus members. They work similar to 'extra texts' and have the same font selection.

Improved Color Selection

We've worked a lot on the color selection for this update, adding an all-new color picker (desktop only) as well as revamping the base color palette.

We've also added a totally new selection of club-inspired colors, sampled directly from the most recent kits.

Alternating stripes base design

We added a new "Space between" option to the shirt "Stripes (2 colors)" base design.

Logo Saturation

It's now possible to adjust the saturation of team logos using a simple slider.


Some changes have been made to the general UI as well, in particular to the action buttons at the top of the settings section.