Introducing FIFA Kit Creator

We are proud to announce FIFA Kit Creator. After many hours of hard work behind the scenes, our brand-new FIFA 21 Kit Creator is finally ready for launch.

Check out the FIFA 21 Kit Creator

First off, we want to thank @BromleyKits for the great help he's been along the way; from giving us valuable insight into the whole FIFA editing process to the 3D model, while also providing three of the initially available templates.

When we started working on FIFA Kit Creator, we quickly realized that we did not just want to convert over what we had created with PES Master. FIFA Kit Creator has been built from the ground up, taking into account everything we learned working on PES over the last four years.

And while this means that some features you'll know from the PES version are missing at the moment, there's also lots of exciting new stuff.

There's a fresh and clean design with a flexible layer system that allows for lots of variation. You can adjust the opacity for all design template, pattern, graphic and design layers.

All of the club and sponsor presets from the PES Kit Creator are available (Plus), as are all the various patterns. We also ported over most of the kit graphics - which are now split up between the different kit parts.

There are even four new base designs - checkers, stepped gradient, waves and zig-zag.

We will continue to work on the FIFA Kit Creator in the coming weeks and months, bringing over more of the many features from the PES version. We'd love to hear your feedback on which features you'd like to see the most.

If you are already a PES Master Plus member, you'll be happy to hear that your existing membership will cover the new FIFA Kit Creator as well. And if you choose to become a Plus member for the new FIFA Kit Creator, this will also cover the PES side of things. One membership covers both.

Make sure to check out FIFA Kit Creator now and let us know what you think - all feedback is welcome. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.