Kit Creator Version 1.0 Released

We've just released the latest version for the FIFA Kit Creator and PES Kit Creator. Starting with this release, we have introduced version numbers and will also keep a detailed changelog from now. We hope that this will help finding potential issues faster and more easily.

Changelog - Version 1.0 (2021/09/25)

  • Added brand authenticity badges (brand icon)
  • Added 3D Detail (PES)
  • Added ability to rename layers
  • Improved player printing (front and shorts numbers + minor fixes)
  • Added info about uploaded logos not being stored + possible solutions
  • Added preview mode (FIFA)
  • Added italic text
  • Improved UI / design, especially light mode
  • Improved + new text / logo display options (mirrored, improved positioning)
  • Added ability to rename custom logo presets
  • Added ability to 'convert' uploaded logos to custom presets (Plus Ultimate)
  • Added changelog to 'About' tab

Brand Icon

We have added a new 'brand icon' section in the logo selector, which includes various brand logos and authenticity badges to make your kits even more accurate to the real thing. As with most other logo presets, this is exclusive to Plus members.

3D Detail (PES)

'Layer-level 3D detail' is now available in the PES version. Due to limitations of the game, this currently bakes the detail into the main texture rather than exporting a dedicated normal map.

Improved Player Printing

Player printing now includes options to add front and shorts numbers.

Preview Mode (FIFA)

Texture preview mode is now available in the FIFA version (accessible through the settings menu). With this feature, you can easily preview any shirt, shorts and sock textures, be it edited ones are those extracted from the game itself.

Italic Text

Improved UI

We have completely overhauled the UI with a focus on the light version, which had various contrast issues. The result is a much cleaner interface with a better emphasis on key elements and actions.

The layer settings have also been restructured in a way to provide an easier overview at first glance while also prioritizing key layer-specific settings over more general / rarely used ones.

Improved & new text / logo placement options

What's next?

Next up we will try to add full support for FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022 as soon as possible. But we already have plenty of ideas for new features and improvements to be added once that is done.

With this update we have also removed the 'beta' tag from the main logo, but you can of course still send us feedback and suggestions through social media or email.