Kit Creator Version 1.2.3 Released - Import from Other Creators, Shoulder Panels and More

We've just officially released an update for the kit creators, which includes the below as well as a few smaller fixes and updates.


  • Add ability to load kits from other kit creators (e.g. FM to FIFA, FIFA to PES, etc.)
  • Add shoulder panels layer type (FIFA and PES)
  • Add custom logo preset positions for shorts
  • Improved day lighting
  • Improved GIF export
  • Fixed some bugs with the conversion from kits created using the "old" creator (PES)
  • Fixed bug with download when team name includes dot ('.') (FM)
  • Fixed bug when using two-colored sleeves in FIFA version
  • Fixed bug with copying layers to other parts of kit
  • Add notification bar
  • Add logo request contact

Import from other creators

It's important to note that this mostly applies to base designs, graphics and patterns - templates are not converted in most cases as they are not identical between the different creators.

When converting to or from FM, additional adjustments might be needed due to how base designs and patterns apply there.