Now Available: Fixing the Big Issue with Collars on PES Kits

Update: We've just unlocked the new "Improved UV mapping" feature for all members of PES Master Plus. It's taken us a bit longer than expected, mainly because we decided to implement specific mapping for the PES 2021 kit model in addition to the what we developed for the eFootball kit model initially. The feature is enabled by default for all Plus members.

How to use

Requirement: Plus membership
  • In order to use the feature, you have to select any of the supported templates (listed further down).
  • If you have Plus, it should be enabled by default, but you can double-check if it is active by going to the Settings panel looking for "Improved UV mapping"
  • Once enabled, all base designs, graphics and patterns will be mapped to the collar where applicable

Original article (May 30, 2022): Over the past few days we have teased an upcoming update to the Kit Creator that we're really excited about. It's probably the best addition to the Kit Creator since we switched to the new app last year.

As you might have noticed, there's a big limitation with the PES kit model compared to e.g. FIFA's - the collar is mapped to a different part of the texture, which means that kits where the designs / graphics continue onto the collar are very tedious to recreate - this is the case with a lot of templates from different brands such as the new Nike 22-23 styles, Adidas' Condivo 20 model or various recent Puma efforts.

From FM to FIFA to PES

Utilizing a system we first created for the FM Kit Creator and later adapted for the FIFA version's 'collar mapping' feature, we will soon release an update that almost entirely eliminates this issue.

With this new feature, currently named 'Improved UV mapping', we have created detailed configurations for the different templates that will map the shirt and / or sleeve designs onto the collar part, creating a pretty much seamless look. Check out the various comparison pictures in this post to see this in action.

The feature can be toggled on and off, as there is a performance hit when it is enabled (this of course only affects supported templates). In addition to that, there are three quality modes (low, medium, high), with the latter two utilizing a more complex computation to avoid edges showing up between the body and collar part of the kit.

Suported templates

At the time of writing, this feature is implemented for the following templates:

Puma Man City 22-23 Home, Adidas Ajax 22-23 Home, Puma Ultraweave, Adidas Condivo 22 GK, Nike Liverpool 22-23 Home Authentic, Nike Liverpool 22-23 Home, Nike Barcelona 22-23 Home Authentic, Nike Barcelona 22-23 Home, Castore Wolves 21-22 Home, Puma 21-22 GK, Puma 21-22 Third, 14fourteen Kosovo 2021, Puma teamULTIMATE, Nike Barcelona 08-09, Le Coq Sportif Lausanne 20-21, Adidas Condivo GK 21, Adidas Condivo 21, Macron 20-21 2, Joma 20-21 3, New Balance 19-20 2, New Balance 20-21, Umbro 20-21 Hearts, Puma 19-20, Puma 20-21 GK, Puma 20-21 2 (v-collar), Puma 20-21 (crew), Puma 20-21, Nike Vapor 19-20, Adidas 1996, Adidas 1994, Adidas Regista 18, Adidas Tiro 19, Adidas Striped 19, Adidas 2019 (regular overlap), Adidas 2019 (overlap), Adidas MLS 2020, Adidas AdiPro 20 GK, Adidas Regista 20, Adidas Condivo 20, Adidas Euro 2020 (Spain)

Coming soon

Pending any setbacks, we will release the update over the coming week. It will (at least) first be exclusive to subscribers to our Plus membership.

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